Services Offered

The following services are offered by Service Tune.

Pulldown Brakes & ABS

Service Tune will always ensure your braking system is at top performance. Whether moving at speed or cruising around town, you'll always want to be ready to stop.

Pulldown Classic Car Tuning & Repairs 1

Whether it's your old-school roadster, your trusty Volvo or your historic VW Type 2, Service Tune will patch up any holes added by the elements and tune the engine to keep it running for years to come.

Pulldown Electrics (Fault Finding & Repairs)

There's nothing more annoying than trying to find a persistent and intermittent fault. Don't worry! Service Tune won't give up!

Pulldown Engine Management

Ensuring your engine is operating at peak efficiency is key to saving on wear, fuel and ultimately money.

Pulldown Exhaust, Catalyst & Emissions

Exhaust problems are a prime problem for older cars, often causing noise & vibrations and harming the environment too boot. Service Tune can advise and replace portions of your exhaust system and check the emission levels, thus saving the planet!

Pulldown Gearboxes & Clutches

You won't be moving much when your gearbox is up the creek, so let Service Tune get you in the right gear!

Pulldown General Fault Finding

Service Tune has industry-standard equipment capable of talking too your car and ask it just what the problem is.

Pulldown Head Gasket work

A Head Gasket failure can be catastrophic to both the engine and your wallet. Service Tune can replace your head gasket and skim the engine block if required to ensure a perfect seal.

Pulldown Key Replacement and Coding 2

Running on one set of keys having lost your spare? Service Tune can order a replacement key and code it if required.

Pulldown MOT Tests 3

Your car must have a valid MOT certificate at all times. To ensure you don't miss a beat, we will collect your car from your home or place of work, take it for testing and return it, ensuring your car is road legal all the time.

Pulldown Pre-MOT Checks & Repairs

You don't need to pay re-test fees if your car passes first time. Service Tunes will make sure that happens with our full pre-test check up.

Pulldown Security 4

Your alarm playing you up? Your central locking not locking? Service Tune will sort it out and restore your piece of mind.

Pulldown Service Resets

Service Tune has all the tools available to control the various lights and warnings that may appear on your dashboard.

Pulldown Servicing

Regular and thorough servicing will keep your cars engine running at peak performance and highlight other potential problems with areas like brakes, suspension & your exhaust system. Service Tune offers Minor and Major services too manufacturer spec, using spares and consumables to suit various budgets.

Pulldown Suspension

Want too smooth over those bumps in Britain's road? Let Service Tune sort you out!

Pulldown Tyres & Pressure Sensors

Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car - Service Tune will suggest brands or obtain those of your choice. We can even sort out those pesky pressure sensors!

Please note that not all services are available for all models of car. Please contact us for more information.
1 - Repairs dependant on age of car, condition and availability of replacement parts.
2 - Key Coding is dependent on the vehicle and whether the manufacturer has released re-coding details.
3 - MOT Testing carried out by Pawlett Service Station, Pawlett, Bridgwater, Somerset.
4 - Available security options depend on make, model and specification of car.